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How to apply for seeking information from BPCL

BPCL accepts application from citizens in plain paper.

The applications should contain

  • The name of the applicant
  • The address for correspondence
  • Details of the information sought by the applicant
  • RTI Fees in favor of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited payable through Demand Draft/Banker’s Pay Order/Indian postal Order/eIPO at the town or city where the application is lodged.*
  • BPCL has a widespread network of operating locations and offices where the application seeking information can be tendered in person or mailed to.
  • The basic fee to be forwarded with the application is Rs. 10 (Rupees TEN only). Court fee stamps, Treasury Payments, Bond Papers, Payments at Post offices, Cash etc. are NOT acceptable towards RTI fees. Also, additional fees payable on account of document copies / docu ment inspection, shall be made only by DEMAND DRAFT / BANKER's PAY ORDER in favour of BPCL and at the town / city / location of the CPIO, from where the information is sought.
  • The application can also be made alongwith eIPO

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