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Additional Tankage at SPM

Additional Tankage at SPM

Each tank at the Shore Tank Farm of the SPM facility in Puthuvypeen, Kochi is of 80,000 Kilolitre capacity. Four tanks are presently in place and there is space available for two more. Additional tanks are being proposed at the STF to cater to the needs of the proposed Integrated Refinery Expansion Project. This will also provide flexibility in operation especially while taking out tanks for periodical statutory inspections.



BPCL Kochi Refinery is presently producing petrochemical feed stocks such as Benzene, Toluene and Propylene in addition to the various petroleum products and specialty products. Increased quantities of Naphtha will be produced in the refinery after the proposed capacity expansion. Declining demand for Naphtha as product due to replacement by consumers with increasingly available Natural Gas/ LNG has made to think of alternative options for utilising Naphtha. Integration of the refinery with a petrochemicals complex utilizing Naphtha and other feedstock from the refinery is being looked into.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Power generation from by-products from residue upgradation facility such as Coke or Pitch is another option being evaluated for value addition. The project will enable to generate power at lower costs than the current cost of fuel oil/ gas turbine based power generation. Excess power after meeting the internal demand would be exported.



CRZ approval from MOEF & CC for laying Heat Traced Pipeline from South Tanker Berth to BPCL Kochi Refinery.
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Environmental Clearance for the installation of two no’s additional tanks to store Crude Oil in the special economic Zone in Sy No.347 at Puthuvypeen Village, Puthuvypeen Taluk, Ernakulum district, Kerala
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EC compliance Report (May 23, 2016) of Propylene Derivatives Petrochemical Project (PDPP) at Kochi Refinery. 
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Environmental Clearance for BS VI quality fuel up gradation and new MS block at Kunnathunad Tehsil , Ernakulum District, Ambalamugal, Kochi, Kerala 
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Compliance Report for BS VI quality fuel up gradation and new MS block project of BPCL Kochi Refinery, Ambalamugal, Kochi, Kerala
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Half Yearly Compliance Report Oct-Mar 2017- Environmental Clearnance issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
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