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Integrated Refinery Expansion Project

IREP is aimed at increasing the refining capacity of Kochi Refinery from the existing 9.5 MMTPA to 15.5 MMTPA and modernization of refinery to produce auto-fuels complying with Euro-IV/Euro-V specifications. The units of IREP are designed to be flexible enough to process high Sulphur crudes, which will fetch a higher margin.

Capacity expansion will be facilitated by installing a new state of the art Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) of 10.5 MMTPA, which will be the single largest Crude unit among PSU refineries.  Delayed Coker unit (DCU) of IREP will serve the purpose of converting the high sulphur low value bottom products generated from existing refinery and IREP units to petcoke.

Apart from the new CDU and DCU, associated process units like Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU), VGO Hydro-treater (VGO HDT), Diesel Hydro-treater (DHDT) Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Tail Gas Treating Unit (TGTU), NHT/ISOM (revamp), Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU) along with matching Utilities and Off-site facilities are the part of the project. The Hydrogen Generation Unit is being implemented on BOO (Build- Own- Operate) mode.

The project has attained an overall progress of 95 % as on 31 March 2016. Cumulative expenditure on the project stands at Rs 11243 Cr. All buildings have been completed and equipment erection is nearly completed. Piping erection is getting completed sequentially in the units as per the commissioning schedule and electrical & instrumentation jobs are in progress. Raw water Treatment Plant is commissioned and is in operation, and Cooling Tower commissioning activities are in progress. Units like Crude unit, Vacuum unit, Gas Turbine Generator, SR LPG, FO/FG units etc have been mechanically completed and commissioning activities commenced. Other units are getting completed sequentially.
The Project will generate ample employment opportunities as well as all round economic growth and development in the region. The Propylene produced from the IREP- FCCU will be the feed stock for the proposed Petrochemical Complex coming adjacent to the refinery. The IREP is the largest investment of BPCL at a location and also is the single largest investment in the state of Kerala. The enormous size and number make the project different from other projects.
A three tier safety system including client, consultant and contractor ensures that the jobs are being executed as per the motto ‘Safety first, Progress must’. About 300 safety officers at site oversee the systems, procedures and execution of jobs. More than 95 million man hours have been completed at IREP site with about 20000 labourers working every day.
Planting of saplings for developing a green belt of 20,000 trees around the project site have been completed. Liquid effluents from all the units of IREP will be converted to De-mineralized water by employing state- of –the-art –technology and will be used as feed water in boiler. Government of Kerala continues to provide proactive support to the project including financial incentives. The IREP site has also been declared as a strike free zone

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