Corporate Social Responsibility

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a model entity with social responsibility as is deeply enshrined in our vision and value system. Being a leading organization we recognize our responsibility towards the community and have been working conscien- tiously for the betterment of weaker sections of society for years. It is our constant endeavour to maximize the positive impacts of our activities and ensure that they reach to all our stakeholders. We firmly believe that inclusive growth is critical for the sustainability of our business.

State-wise thematic CSR expenditure for FY 2016-17
State-wise thematic CSR expenditure for FY 2017-18
State-wise thematic CSR expenditure for FY 2018-19
District Wise Expenditure in Gujarat since 2014-15 to 2018-19
CSR expenditure for 5 years (2014-2019)

As per our corporate policy, the ‘five’ core thrust areas are:

Under the umbrella of “enabling quality education”, the focus is on imparting holistic education, preferably through usage of technology apart from catering to adequate infrastructural facilities, access to education and improvement of education systems, which are clearly measurable in impact assessments. The gamut of interventions mainly for the needy and underprivileged population should lead to improved literacy and education in its true sense which can enable the target group to aspire for higher education and eventually sustainable livelihoods. In other words, we wish to create wholesome educational environment rather than just spending money merely for buildings, furniture etc.
Our water conservation efforts are closely linked to engaging communities within their own eco systems & making them self-reliant. This also includes making available safe drinking water, technology for creation of infrastructure related to fresh water generation, meaningful utilisation of the water resources, regeneration of water bodies and such allied interventions. Training in improved agricultural practices and technologies will also form a part of this focus area.
This includes creating / supporting basic as well as advanced health interventions based on a thematic approach whereby the amounts spent cater to large targeted population of needy and underprivileged with or without infrastructural support. The themes could be illustratively eradication / minimisation of anaemia, malnutrition, maternal and infant mortalities, catering to disabilities of various kinds etc.
Through our Skill Development interventions, with or without infrastructural support, we aim to bring about economic development by creating self- sustainability in deserving populations such as women, unemployed youth and people with disability as well as Skill Development activities involving creation of livelihood opportunities through traditional vocations which are indigenous to various geographical locations of the country such as handloom weaving etc. Our Skill Development focus is largely on certification as per the Qualification Packs aligned to the National Skill Qualification Framework as given by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
These initiatives are a collection of targeted interventions, both short term and long, in the villages near our business units and in remote rural areas where there are specific needs which must be met .This essentially stands for integrated projects spanning all, or a combination of, the above four domain areas ranging from integrating infrastructure needs with livelihood opportunities to improving access to drinking water, promoting access to quality healthcare, education, thereby improving the quality of life of the community as a whole.

Additionally, our CSR philosophy also includes participation in projects of national importance like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan involving creation and maintenance of toilets, associated sanitation facilities, Waste Management initiatives leading to overall health and hygiene for the communities.

Whilst the above are the primary focus areas of the Corporation where applications are invited from Project Implementation Agencies (PIA) with very sound credentials and a proven track record in these areas along with testimonials from their previous/current funding partners, the Corporation is also open to projects/initiatives in the domains mentioned in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

We clarify that our CSR approach philosophy is not to replace or substitute any of the Schemes / Initiatives of the various Government Agencies but to work hand in hand in increasing the effectiveness of such Schemes and Initiatives by partnering with the Government Agencies rather than replacing their efforts and intentions. Where the Government initiatives and schemes experience hurdles in reaching the targeted population, if any Project Implemention Agencies have proven track record in carrying forward such initiatives, they are also welcome to approach us with their integrated project proposals.

We clarify that the submission of applications for CSR proposals is subject to detailed project appraisal & evaluation by teams of experts and grant of approvals would have to be accorded by various competent authorities of the Corporation including the Board of Directors. Therefore, it should not be expected or claimed as a matter of right that any CSR proposal submitted, will be automatically granted approval. We also clarify that the Corporation is strictly bound by standards of ethics in this regard and no middlemen or agencies are involved or engaged at any point in time in CSR proposal review or approvals. Every CSR project approval is bound by project implementation review by professional agencies and if at any stage it is found that the intended project benefits and outcomes are not being achieved, the Corporation reserves the right to rescind approvals and withdraw from the project.

While each of these core thrust areas has different connotations, as a Corporation, we would like to see them implemented in an integrated fashion in any approach with a short implementation time frame so that the intended social returns to the targeted communities are realised quickly.

Project Implementation Agencies with proven track record and credentials are welcome to submit their CSR proposals to us by submitting the documents which can be downloaded from below link.

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