We have the expertise in benchmarking our technical facilities and operations to international standards. Bharat Petroleum is the first in India to implement – AFMS (Apron Fuel Management System) the electronic data capturing system, right from the wing tip of the aircraft.

Apron Fuel Management System (AFMS) is an in-house developed Fuelling Management Solution designed to enhance efficiency of Aviation Operations.

It consists of two Major Components:

  1. Office Solution – BPAFMS
  2. Vehicle Solution – TPAFMS

TPAFMS caters to Major Operations viz. Fuelling, Defuelling, Circulation and Meter Adjustments. It is an indigenously designed Aviation Point of Sale (POS) solution which captures Meter Readings automatically and prepares Fuel Delivery Note (FDN) with minimum Data Entry.

BPAFMS is the Office Solution which consists of Masters such as Customer, Location Masters and Flight Schedule. BPAFMS is a web application which is accessible through BPCL Intranet as well as Internet. It also acts as an Interface between TPAFMS and SAP.

TPAFMS and BPAFMS are tightly coupled and there is synchronization of Master and Transaction data through wireless Internet Connectivity.

MAJOR INCIDENT / ACCIDENT: Any incident (Fire, Accident, Explosion) in which consequences lead to any one or more of the following, shall be considered as MAJOR incident:


Direct property loss of Rs. 5 lakhs or more.

Facility Outage

All fire incidents, which last for more than 15 minutes or results in shut down of the unit.