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Message from the CVO


Plato said ‘Good has an unconditional worth’ and if happenings in our world are anything to go by, it is a proven fact that pursuit of impure pleasures, more often than not, will result in pain and misery.
Vigilance is an attitude, a thought process and above all an integral part of the culture of a progressive organization that needs to evolve continuously to excel in good governance in every aspect of its business operations. That is why the motto of the department has been ‘Corporate Excellence through Good Governance’ adopting an approach that’s a blend of proactive, preventive, participatory and punitive vigilance. Our core purpose is to promote lasting inclusive improvements in our internal systems, processes and practices.
In an organization like BPCL, employees have greater responsibilities of ensuring accountability, fairness and transparency while playing different roles and delivering services and products to consumers. Shortcuts need to be avoided and processes be strengthened.
The standards and norms set by the Government of India through its various agencies like the Central Vigilance Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Central Bureau of Investigation etc. are precisely meant to achieve the objectives of good governance through transparency and public accountability.  These norms should not be viewed as obstacles in growth or performance rather should help in evolving our officials towards better business practices.
We are committed for pursuing Preventive Vigilance i.e. doing continuous analysis and appraisal of susceptibility, sensitivity and visibility factors involved in all critical processes, throwing up regular alarms and cautions for abnormal indications thereby alerting system operators, while maintaining an indelible and easily traceable log of all activities and interventions for future studies.
When we consider the above statements in light of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of leading a life inspired by truth, love, compassion, non-violence, tolerance and fearlessness, it becomes amply clear that noble objectives can only be achieved by pursuing noble means. No good can ever follow from bad deeds even if they are well intended and hence to be on the righteous path, there is an inherent need to be vigilant in life. 
I, on behalf of Team Vigilance BPCL, would like to invite you all to join our efforts in creating, nurturing and maintaining a healthy, disciplined and responsible work environment around us so that together we help each other to be the change, we want to see in the world.

Sunil Jain
Chief Vigilance Officer


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