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At Bharat Petroleum, we understand your needs as customers and relentlessly work towards fulfilling them, working consciously towards providing added value in fuel and non-fuel areas. The Corporation offers products and services that have been designed to meet the need gaps of its customers. And it is not easy as our customer base is a diverse one demanding of us to perform better and satisfy the needs of some of you who fly in the air to the larger Indian populace who survive on ‘Kerosene’ as their cooking fuel. It is our duty to return all of you a satisfied one…

Ensuring you reach your destination - Swiftly & conveniently.
Vehicle owner`s are always on the lookout for new offerings as well for tips & pointers to keep their vehicles in top shape. We at BPCL understand your requirements and have consistently tried to satisfy your needs. Information about all the high-class fuels for your vehicle as well as the lubricants to keep your wheels running smoothly.

To cater to Industries needs of fuels and other petrochemicals (used as raw materials for Industries), Bharat Petroleum’s Industrial and Commercial Business Unit, commonly known as I&C SBU was formed. Currently I&C SBU caters to approx. 8000 industrial customers spread across all over the country. These include industries from the Public & Private sectors, of the core and non core segments and various Govt. establishments such as Defense, Railways, State Transport Undertakings, State Electricity Boards etc.

Bharatgas from Bharat Petroleum has dominated the LP Gas market in India for over three decades. Today over 40 million homes in India, wake up each morning to enjoy “the cup that cheers” prepared on Bharatgas. Similarly, hundreds of commercial and industrial establishments start their day, confident and secure, having entrusted their LP Gas needs to Bharat Petroleum.
The history of Indian Civil Aviation is synonymous with the history of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(BPCL) -Aviation Service. BPCL has completed more than 75 years of “Aviation Service”. BPCL-Aviation Service is present at all the major gateways and other airports in the country rendering into-plane services to leading domestic and international airlines and operating the Aviation Fuelling Stations.
The term quality implies that the product you are buying meets the prescribed specifications and be free from any contamination or adulteration. The customers can ensure quality by carrying out specific checks for different products as under
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