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With the highest concern and commitment for Health, Safety and Security of employees, customers, Contractors, all the stake holders and communities; we ensure that the environment conservation at and around our workplaces / Locations. Similarly our establishments and premises at various locations viz Depots, Installations , Retail outlets and LPG plants practices HSE and S management system as per Corporate policy.

  • We demonstrate our commitments by:
    • Providing and maintaining safe and secure facilities and working conditions.
    • Recognizing that all employees have responsibility for their own safety and security and actions which could affect the safety of others and community at large.
    • Adoption of appropriate technologies to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • We have established clear objectives and targets to:
    • Improve our performance continuously for prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses and minimizing any impact of our activities on the environment.
    • Promote learning through training and sharing of experience and best practices of HSE with contractors, customers, tank lorry crew and the public at large wherever required.
    • Inculcate values and attitudes conducive to achieve excellence in HSE performance.
  • We provide to achieve our mission by:
    • Assigning clear roles and responsibilities at all levels and periodically reviewing and recognizing contribution to HSE and S objectives.
    • Allocating adequate resources.
    • Fostering a spirit of participation by all employees in Health, Safety Environmental conservations and Security of self , our premises and establishments at all location across India.
    • Creating appropriate forums for deliberations on Health , Safety , Security and Environment issues.
  • We monitor all the performances by:
    • Periodically inspections/ audits are carried out by HSE Role holders at corporate , SBU HQ and Regions for corrective actions in time.
  • HSE system serves the Management objectives as follows:
    • “Nil” fatality at workplace
    • Nil LTAs Nil road accidents
    • Nil accident at LPG customers premises as well as Auto LPG stations.
    • Adherence to Act, Law, rules and regulations of the country.
    • Environment protection
    • Pollution prevention
    • Energy conservations
    • Employees” Occupational Health , Safety and Security
    • Plant infrastructure and Equipment Safety and Security
    • Intensive training/ workshop/talks for business associates
    • Thorough probe for LTAs, accidents, Root cause analysis and sharing the same knowledge
    • Awareness Drive and implementation of HSE Policy
    • Corporate Sustainability
    • Corporate Social Responsibilities.

During 2007, Environment Cell has been created in HSE with a focus on projects for combating Climate change. BPC has already become member of Carbon Disclosure Project which is recognized globally and has started working on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) related projects. Corporate Sustainability Report for the year 2006-07 was published during 2007. For the year 2007-08, HSE has worked on Corporate Sustainability Report based on Global Reporting Initiative Norms where BPC would be first of the PSU to come out with such a report with A+ rating.

BPCL is committed to attain the highest standard in health, safety environment and security performances and in pursuit of good governance of the same, the Corporate HSE put in place HSE system during 2007.

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