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Together, we have the highest concern and commitment for protecting the Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, customers and the communities in which we operate and for conservation of the environment. We will comply with all Statutory Regulations and may even go beyond these for the benefit of our environment.

We consider Health, Safety and Environmental aspects as an integral part of our business planning and operation processes.



Based on these guiding principles, we shall:

  • Demonstrate our commitment by:

    Providing and maintaining safe facilities and working conditions

    Recognising that all employees have responsibility for their own safety and actions which could affect the safety of others

    Adoption of appropriate technologies to minimize the impact of our activities on the Environment

  • Establish clear objectives and targets to:

    Improve continuously for prevention of accidents & occupational illnesses and minimising any impact of our activities on the environment

    Promote learning through training and sharing of experiences and best practices; including with contractors, customers and the public, wherever required..

    Inculcate values and attitudes conducive to achieve excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

  • Provide means to achieve our mission by:

    Assigning clear roles and responsibilities at all levels and periodically reviewing and recognizing contribution to HSE objectives.

  • Allocating adequate resources:

    Fostering a spirit of participation by all employees in Health, Safety and Environmental conservation efforts.

    Creating appropriate forums for deliberations on Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

  • Monitor performance by:

    Periodically auditing work processes, systems & practices and promptly correcting deficiencies.

    Incorporating HSE performance as a parameter for assessing the overall performance of Employees, Business Units, Contractors and Business Associates.

Our Definition for LTA, Incident & Accident

Our Definition for LTA, Incident & Accident

INCIDENT: An ‘Incident’ is defined as a happening (including natural calamities) on ground involving company personnel or static facilities or equipment under their control that could have

led or leads to the following:

Supply of an incorrect or off-specification grade of product

  • Facility outage like un-serviceability of facility due to any reasons (including natural calamities)
  • The damage to an aircraft / equipment including refueling equipment
  • Delay in refueling
  • Fatalities / Injury
  • Property loss including oil spillage
  • Any incident / action / attitude resulting into customer annoyance / complaint / dislike