Poly Propelene Feed Stock (C3)

The Propylene (also known as Propene) gas and is one of the major building blocks of the Petrochemical Industry. The materials that are derived from propylene include: Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile, Propylene oxide, Oxo-alcohols, Cumene and Isopropyl alcohol (which is used as a solvent). 

As a result, Propylene is a key component for countless end use products.

Requirements of Propylene (C3)

Requirements of Propylene (C3)
Test Method Specification
Total C2s, % w GC Max. 0.8
Propylene, % w GC Min. 50
Propane GC To be reported
Total C4s, % w GC Max. 0.5
Carbon dioxide, % w GC Max. 0.1
Mercaptane Sulphur, ppm P:34 Max. 10
Hydrogen Sulphide P:34 Nil
Free Water - No Free Water